Here is our Master Scent List. We continue to create new blends as well as ask your opinions on new upcoming scents. Feel free to suggest a blend combination to us for future restocks! 

#FreeKesha - Cotton candy, hot pink lime and umbrella drinks

1999- fizzy pop and lavender martini

29 Pearl Street- 29 High Street Lush Dupe

80's hair- Big Lush Dupe

A Crisp Autumn breakfast- Pumpkin waffles with caramelized Pralines

A Day At The Beach - Pineapple, vanilla, peaches and bananas infused with sweet coconut milk, and beach linen

Afternoon delight-Pistachio pudding cake, serendipity and a splash of black cherry

All Hallow's Eve - Candy Corn, pumpkin cupcake, buttercream crunch cake and caramel popcorn

American Made- American cream Lush dupe

Apple Cinnamon - Crisp fall apples covered in cinnamon 

Appleholic- Apple and maple bourbon

Arabian Nights- (Aladdin Inspired) Jasmine, Bergamot and Raw Sugar Mandarin

Ashley's Unicorn - cotton candy, rainbow sherbet, and bedtime lavender

Ask Him - Boston Tea party, raspberry jam and stress relief (oranges, mint, woody, herbal, lily and more)

Australian wonder -Uluru Lush Dupe

Avocontrol - avobath Lush Dupe

Bachelorette Party - (Champagne Pomegranate)

Beauty and the Brawn -( Beauty and the Beast Inspired) Rose Jam (Lush dupe) and Sugared Lemon

Berry B. Goode (Chuck Berry Inspired) - Strawberry Shortcake and Juniper Breeze 

Berry Brave -(Brave Inspired) Fresh picked strawberries and sweet oranges

Betrayal – (Cotton Candy, Blue Slushy and Pink sugar )

Bitchcraft - Fizzy soda, Bubblegum, and a fruity cocktail containing alcohol, strawberries and orange juice. 

Black Cherry Whip - Black cherry and Vanilla Ice Cream

Blazing waddles- Vanilla ice cream, and Fizzy pop, Fire roasted marshmallow

Bloody face: blood orange and fruity pebbles

Blue Spruce- Smell of Blue spruce trees

Blueberry Cheesecake- Blueberry Cheesecake and jelly beans

Blueberry birthday cake- Yellow birthday cake with fresh blueberries and frosting

Blueberry poundcake - Blue Raspberry and 7up pound cake

Boardwalk Adventure - salt water taffy and rainbow sherbet

Brianna's Berry Brew - Strawberry/raspberry/guava cotton candy 

Briar Patch - Ocean Mist and Clean Cotton

Briarcliff- vanilla, pumpkin & marshmallow

Bye Felicia - Skittles, lime cooler, Calacas Lush Type

Candied Skull - Calacas Lush Dupe (Lime, neroli and olibanum. Smells like sour gummy worms)

Carrie: Strawberries and Champagne, blonde moment

Charlotte: champagne pomegranate and blue hawaiian

Cheers to us - Yog nog lush type

Cherry Coconut Dream Pie - Coconut Cream Pie, Serendipity and Buttery Cake Bites.

Cherry Lemonade- Cherries and lemonade with a lemon sugar rim

Chim Chim Cherry - black cherry, pie crust and sugared waffle cone

Chris Charming - Prince Charming Lush Dupe

Christmas In July - coconut milk, lavender and blue spruce 

Cider Lane - BBW Type - mulled cider meets candied apples

Circus - Circus Concessions, vanilla ice cream, sugar waffle cone 

Cold Shoulder – Candy Cane, vanilla Bean and a hint of peppermint bark

Colors of the Wind- (Pocahontas inspired) Leaves and Berries

Concessions of a Cereal Killer -Fruit loops, cotton candy, candied apples and funnel cake

Constance - tea and cakes chamomile bed time lavender and merlot

Cookies in bed - lavender, cotton candy cookies and pink sugar

Cooking up Magic -(Princess and the Frog Inspired) Pistacio Pudding Cake, Snow Cake (lush dupe) and Hawaiian Punch

Cranberry kisses- Cranberry Marmalade

Cruisin' for a Bruisin - Blue Raspberry and black cherry

Cup of dirt - Chocolate pudding with sour gummy worms and chocolate crumbles

Date night- Love spell, Victoria Secret dupe

Dead Mans Pearl- Black Pearl Lush dupe

Dead and Breakfast - American Cream, Crisp Apples and Waffles 

Dead of Night - Twighlight Lush Dupe

Dear Dad - Dear John Lush Scent Type

Death By Voice- (Little Mermaid Inspired) Sex on the beach, Gummy fish, tropical soda, island fresh Gain, ocean mist

Donuts and coffee - Raspberry jam and fresh donuts with a coffee drizzle

Dragon's Spell- (Sleeping Beauty Inspired) Pink Sugar, Lavender, Chamomile and Cotton Candy

Duck Whip - Fresh pineapple and vanilla ice cream

Duck of Earl - Mexican fried ice cream and Earl Grey Tea

Duck Sauce - Frozen Margarita, cotton Candy, watermelon jolly rancher 

Duckin donuts - house blend of fresh coffee and fresh baked goodies

Ducks In the City: - Raspberry cotton candy, cosmo and umbrella drinks (tropical blend blood oranges, sweet pineapples, mandarin, a hint of cherry, a dash of effervescence and a hint of vanilla)

Dulce delicious - hot chocolate and sugar milk

Experiment six-two-six - Pineapple, volcano (pineapple, goji berry, mangoes and hints of driftwood and water) and blue raspberry candy

Fairy Godmother- Snow Fairy Lush dupe

Fay’s Triple Threat - Satsuma, Strawberries, and cotton candy

Foolish Mortal - Candy Cane Cupcakes and toasted marshmallow 

For The Fighter (Breast Cancer Awareness) - Fresh Picked Strawberries and buttercream crunch cake

Freedom- Juniper breeze & barber shop

Fresh from the Garden - Fresh cut grass, coriander lemongrass, cool citrus basil

Fruitea Time - honeydew melon, bartlette pear and tea and cakes

Ghost Stories By The Fire - Marshmallow Fireside, earl grey tea and vanilla ice cream

Gingerbread men- Gingerbread cookies

Glass Slipper- (Cinderella Inspired) Raw Sugar Mandarine, Clean cotton and bartlett pear

Gotta have faith- Baja cactus & blue sugar

Grape Escape - Grape Airheads & lollipops 

Grave Mistakes - Zucchini bread and Sugar Milk
Halloween Treat Bag: Skittles, candy corn and lollipops

Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow - creamsicle and duck whip (vanilla ice cream, pineapple) 

Halloween Treat Bag - skittles, candy corn and lollipops

Hansel and Gretel - Vanilla frosting, cinnamon sticks, toasted graham crackers and juicy rasins.

Hard working elves- fizzy soda pop, candy cane, sweet syrup, sugar crystals and sweet candy

Heads will roll - pumpkin cupcake and candy corn

Heavenly Kiss - Angel’s Delight Lush Dupe (fresh mint, creamed peaches, cashmere musk and spun sugar)

Herd of Heidicorns (a tribute to Heidi Nichole from Cosmic Cleanse Scent Sations) - 29 Pearl Street (lush dupe) and fizzy pop

Hiking with the barber - dirt and barbershop, leaves 

Honey do list- Honey I washed the kids Lush dupe

Hot Chocolate with marshmallows- warm hot chocolate infused with marshmallows

Hot Pink Lemonade - cherry lemonade, passionfruit and guava and hot pink lime

Hot apple pie- apple pie, cinnamon and vanilla

Hot chocolate and cereal - fruit loops with warm hot coco

Hot Pink Lemonade - cherry lemonade, passionfruit, guava and hot pink lime

Hot Apple Pie - apple pie, cinnamon and vanilla 

I love you berry much- Strawberry white cake, fresh berries and buttercream crunch cake

I'm Hers (Mickey Inspired) - Crunch Berries, Strawberry Bread, rice krispie treats

I'm His (Minnie Inspired) - Strawberry Bread and Strawberry Cheesecake

Ice Cream Delight - Sugared Waffle cone and sweet vanilla ice cream

Ice Harvest - Ice Blue Lush dupe

It's my birthday - Raspberry preserves and sweet birthday cake.

It’s Electric! – B Electro Lush Dupe (bergamot, lemon, fennel, lavender, rose, jasmine, ylang-ylang and sandalwood)

I’d Rather Be Sleeping – (Tea and cakes, Sweet Lavender with a hint of Chamomile)

Jenny's tea party - Fresh sliced cake, fresh steeping tea, lemon, orange and lime, vanilla and pink sugar

Jersey Girl - Blonde Moment, satsuma, cotton candy

Jersey Shore - caramel popcorn, circus concessions and funnel cake

Jody's Confectionary Creation - Strawberry cake, coconut cream pie, zucchini bread

Jungle VIP (King Louie Inspired) - banana, tea & cakes, cotton candy

Karen's kookies with milk - chocolate chip cookies and sugar milk

Karens Kookies- Chocolate chip cookie dough and marshmallow

Kristin's Birthday fiesta- Birthday cake, mexican fried ice cream

Lana Banana - Banana, Cotton candy and pink sugar

Lauren's Sugar Rush - Sugar Milk, Fruit Loops, Captain Crunch Berries and Fruity pebbles

Lavender Martini - sweet orange, tangy lemon zests, and bubbly carbonation; followed by middle notes of mint, spicy bergamot and lavender. Rosewood

Let Down Your Hair (Tangled Inspired)- Cotton Candy Cookies, Vanilla Bean, coconut, and sugared cherries

Lets have a kiki- Celebrate Lush dupe

Lucky - Be Delicious type and cotton candy 

Maple Pumpkin Chai - A yummy fall blend of chai tea, maple and fresh pumpkin

Melt Me -(Alice in Wonderland Inspired) Lemon Line Soda and Tea and Cakes

Melt responsibly -Beer with fresh sugared mandarin orange

Mermaid Lagoon - georgia peaches, biolage shampoo, sea moss, ocean mist, feminine florals, sea salt, geranium flowers, vetiver, water mint and white cedar wood

Mike with one "I"- Sour watermelon candy and green apple jolly rancher

Mimosa's at the barber shop- minosa & barber shop

Mimosas at the Kiki - mimosa, mandarin, and celebrate lush dupe

Miranda: Satsuma, lollipops, sex on the beach

Mistaken Identity- (Mulan Inspired) Fig and Rhubarb

Misty - leaves, ocean mist and fresh cut grass 

Mr. Sullivan- Jelly beans, lollipops and blue raspberry

Murder House - Fireside, leather, and blue sugar

Myrtle - fire roasted marshmallow and cinnamon vanilla 

Name Game: Peppermint cupcakes and tea & cakes

One in a Melon- Fruit slices and watermelon

Orange Pineapple upside down cake- orange chiffon cake and pineapple

Peppermint Hot Chocolate- Peppermint Bark and hot chocolate

Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Lavender

Piggy man
- bacon, eggs, toast, pancakes and cinnamon buns.

Pistachio Birthday Cake - Pistachio pudding cake, birthday cake, and honey almonds

Pistachio ice cream - pistachio pudding cake and vanilla ice cream cake 

Pity Party – (Strawberry Cheesecake, Vanilla Ice Cream, and Buttercream Frosting)

Pixie Dust (Tinkerbell Inspired) - Pistachio pudding cake, sugar milk and pie crust

Poisoned Princess (Snow White vs. The Evil Queen) -So White (lush Dupe), Candied Apples, Gardenia and Lavender

Pop Princess - bubble gum, salt water taffy, hawaiian punch 

Pretty Girl - Blonde Moment (raspberries, cranberries, and iced champagne), white tea and berries and lollipops

Pumpcakes - pumpkin cupcakes and sugar milk

Pumpkin Soufflé- Cinnamon and pumpkin

Puppy Paws- (101 Dalmations Inspired) Corriander Lemongrass and Cool Citrus Basil

Razmatazz- Blue Raspberry and lemonade

Reindeer are better than people(Sven inspired) - Carrot Cake and gooey cream cheese frosting

Rock Goddess- Rock Star Lush dupe

Roses are Red - (Fresh Blooming Roses)

S'mores Pie - fire roasted marshmallow, chocolate, baked pie crust

Samantha: Love Spell, Blonde moment and lemonade

Sandy Claws- Vanilla bean noel and candied apples

Sassy and Classy - (Strawberries and Champagne)

Scantily Clad Alkmar Lush Dupe – (Super light and delicate floral smell. Subtle jasmine that smells clean and fresh. )

Second Born - Bedtime lavender/chamomile, baby powder and pink sugar

Shore Thing - Rainbow Sherbet and Creamsicle

Sleepy Salad - A crisp relaxing smell of lavender, cucumber and sage

Slice of Life- Fruit slices and rock candy

Soda and cereal -combination of a lemon lime soda and fruit loops

Southern Iced Tea - Peaches, tea and a hint of jasmine and musk

Spark of Imagination- (Figment inspired) Cotton Candy, Buttercream crunch cake, Cherry lifesaver, Bubblegum and lollipops

Spot of Tea (Mrs. Potts Inspired) - Earl Grey Tea and whipped cream

Star crossed lovers - lovespell, sex on the beach (peach schnappes, vodka, pineapple, oranges, and tart cranberries) honeydew melon

Stupid Cupid - (Mexican Fried Ice Cream, Cotton Candy and Tea and Cakes)

Sugar Berry Smoothie - wild berry smoothie and sugar milk

Sugar Doodle- Sugar cookies with cinnamon and vanilla

Sugar Skull- Lady Catrina Lush dupe

Sugar lavender milk -( herbal lavender +sugar milk )

Susan's holiday pie - coconut cream pie, almond biscotti and a hint of cherry

Swastyfaced-Raspberry sangria - juicy red raspberries, sweet cherries, grapefruit with red wine and a hint of orange

Sweet Dreams (Autism Awareness) - lavender, pink sugar, marshmallow, and vanilla

Sweet lavender ice cream- Lavender, pink sugar and vanilla ice cream

Sweets for my Sweet - (Chocolate covered Strawberries)

Sweets for my side piece- Chocolate covered raspberries

Taffy Dreams- Watermelon Taffy

Tainted Love – Sour Watermelon Candy and Fizzy Pop

Tate's Fate - Blue Sugar, Blueberry slushie and cotton candy

Tea and Berry Cookies - white tea, blackberry jam butter cookies and berry crush

The Antique rose- Rose jam Lush dupe

The Doctor Is In - Dr peppermint lush dupe - Peppermint, Spearmint, Clove and White Musk)

Time to get hitched -25:43 - lush Dupe

Toxic Love – Sex Bomb Lush Dupe (This sensual floral and fruity mix has hints of coconut, lily, lavender, and jasmine with base notes of musk and wood)

True Loves kiss- 1000 kisses/ Beautiful lush Dupe

Under the Gazebo - fresh cut grass, leaves and japanese cherry blossom

Unholy Night- Hansel & Gretel's House (vanilla frosting, cinnamon sticks, toasted graham crackers and juicy raisins) and sugar milk

Vanilla Pumpkin Pie- Vanilla Ice cream and pumpkin pie

Violent Violets - Ultra Violet Lush Dupe (Violet and floral notes)

Voodoo- Lord of misrule Lush Dupe

Warm Hugs (Olaf inspired) - marshmallow, sugar milk and almond biscotti

Watermelon Lemonade - watermelon chunks mixed with frozen lemonade

We're All Mad Here -(Mad Hatter Inspired) Tea and cakes and birthday cake

Welcome To The Jungle – Jungle Lush Dupe (Cypress, Cedar and hints of Ylang Ylang)

What goes around comes around- Karma Lush dupe (patchouli and orange)

What's in the attic: Herbal lavender and juniper breeze

Willy quacka - Hot chocolate, Cotton Candy and wildberry smoothie

Woodland goddess -Super Tramp Lush Dupe

Yellow Snow- Zesty Citrus, Peppery warmth, brandied cherry, cognac ,amber and rye whisky

You had me at merlot - Black cherry melot type

Young frankenduck - Pistachio pudding cake, Circus concessions , and sugar milk

wicked spruce - blue spruce meets so white lush dupe