• Image of Odd Bars 5-7 Business day TAT

Odd bars are pieces of one scent with an over pour of something else surrounding it, The following odd bars are for sale this round:

Making Head Lines & Headstones with clean cotton overpour - fizzy pop, cherry slushie and clean cotton

Warm Hugs with Cherry Coconut Overpour - marshmallow, sugar milk and almond biscotti with cherry coconut overpour

Vanilla Cream with Jolly Rancher Green apple and strawberry overpour

Puppy Paws with Baja Cactus Overpour - Coriander Lemongrass, Cool Citrus Basil with Baja Cactus overpour

Dandy with Marshmallow Fireside Overpour - Blue Sugar and blue raspberry candy with marshmallow overpour

Lavender White wedding with strawberry cream overpour

S/H is $8. If combining orders, make sure to use the code COMBINE. Items are handmade and may not look exactly like the photo.

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