• Image of 4 oz bags - Limited Stock 7-10 Business Day TAT
  • Image of 4 oz bags - Limited Stock 7-10 Business Day TAT

Limited in Stock - grab them while you can!

4 oz bags come in:

Salty Sea Air - Crisp ozone, salty sea spray, seaweed, sea weathered driftwood and hints water lily

Eucalyptus and Spearmint

Hard working elves- fizzy soda pop, candy cane, sweet syrup, sugar crystals and sweet candy

Mocha Mint Coffee - Fresh Coffee mixed with Mocha Mint and sugar milk

Gingerbread Ice Cream - Fresh Gingerbread cookies covered in creamy vanilla ice cream

Apple Cinnamon

Something Christmas this way comes - Snow day BBW type - blend of spruce branches, peppermint and sweet vanilla

Soda & Cereal - fizzy soda and fruit loops

You had me at Merlot - Black Cherry Merlot type

Bitchcraft - Fizzy soda, bubblegum and fruity alcoholic drink

Lavender Martini - sweet orange, tangy lemon zests, and bubbly carbonation; followed by middle notes of mint, spicy bergamot and lavender. Rosewood

Carrie: Strawberries and Champagne, blonde moment

Appleholic- Apple and maple bourbon

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  • Salty Sea Air
    4 in stock
  • Eucalyptus and Spearmint
    1 in stock
  • Hard Working Elves
    2 in stock
  • Mocha Mint Coffee
    1 in stock
  • Gingerbread Ice Cream
    3 in stock
  • Apple Cinnamon
    3 in stock
  • Blue Spruce
    1 in stock
  • Something Christmas This Way Comes
    5 in stock
  • Soda & Cereal
    0 in stock
  • You had me at Merlot
    3 in stock
  • Bitchcraft
    6 in stock
  • Appleholic
    2 in stock
  • Lavender Martini
    2 in stock
  • Carrie
    4 in stock